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October 22, 2019

In my opinion software patents are a stupid concept you may not have heard of if you live outside the United States. It is sufficient to patent the description of an idea, that’s all you need to pass in. In the last decades some “patents only” companies were founded that do not sell a real product at all. Their business consists of threatening and “trolling” other companies to pay them license fees.

What happened?

A month ago the Gnome desktop was sued by Rothschild Patent Imaging because of Shotwell, an image organizing software. Shotwell is part of the common Gnome desktop software.

So this time Rothschild Patenting Imaging attacked an open source company. Surely it is backed by Red Hat, but developed and driven by the community.

Usually most software creating companies tend to pay when confronted by such a patent troll as they want to evade the costs of a lawsuit. In addition there is always the risk of losing a lawsuit.

Gnome files defense against patent troll

In this case Gnome reacts differently and surely not as expected. Gnome fights back and they need your support!

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer. This article just represents my opinion.

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