a jQuery application base!

Today i pushed a very early alpha version of “my” to github - including only the core component. Maybe I find some more people who are interested in contributing and sharing my attitude on a javascript application.</p>

You maybe ask yourself why I created this project? And why would you need another component if you already have jQuery (and maybe jQueryUI / jQuery mobile). Thing is you don’t need that stuff I am working on if you build your private homepage with some widgets, a bit bling bling and not too much callbacks/ effects you have to deal with.</p>

But how about a community page getting larger and larger? How do you deal with events/ callbacks and more? Do you really want to program your code only DOM-centric?</p>

Don’t get me wrong I am in love with jQuery and jQueryUI. They are perfect tools for what these tools are made for. This projects goal is to jump in where you want to write non-DOM-focussed code. Currently I got the idea to write a basis Mediator where you can register your UI Components. These UI-Components itself will be e.g. containers for jqueryUI component bindings - to handle your model data, handle events and much more. Model data will come from client stores that handles your communication etc. All based on now released my.core.js</p>

What’s already done?

The core feels pretty stable so i followed OS principles “release soon, release often”. Please note that my.core is totally independent from anything - you should be able to use that everywhere in any environment. It implements jQueryUI’s inheritance pattern and always inherits your object instances from its internal Obervable. It handles multiple event assignments, easy inheritance and access to parent methods and you get some getter/setter magic for your options Object like in jQueryUI.</p>

I’ll provide a demo page very soon - if you are nosy please check out the repository (check out the test page source) and stay tuned :)